Autel XP400 vs. XP400 pro

One customer asked I just bought IM508, is it worth getting Autel xp400 pro? What is the difference between xp400 and xp400 pro?

autel xp400 pro

Here we give him the answer:

Autel xp400 vs. xp400 pro

Support: chip programmer comparison

Features XP400 XP400 PRO
EEPROM read/ write 330 chip types 445 different chip types newly added support (AM29FXXX seriesMB29FXXX series)
MCU read/ write 1541 chip types 2067 chip types
Engine ECU read/ write 40 chip types 41 chip types add write support for SIMTEC76(AM29F800BB)_WRITE
Immobilizer ECU read/ write 168 chip types 181 chip types
Odometer read/ write read odometer module 9 types read odometer module 171 types (update in July)
Airbag read/ write read airbag module 5 types read airbag module 5 types
Frequency detection 315/ 433/ 868MHz 315/ 433/ 868MHz
Key read/ write support support
Unlock key N/A support 11 key types (Audi/ BMW)
Write key via dump For Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Fiat, LandRover, Jaguar For Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Fiat, landrover, Jaguar
Easy to use/ stability 1. menus are too valuable and can’t select intuitively 1. Stability of key read/ write, chip read/ write, IR key read/ write are greatly enhanced.
2. with high-definition wiring diagrams (not sufficiently covered) 2. menus are too vague and can’t select intuitively
3. with high-definition wiring diagrams (not sufficiently covered)


In simpler terms, Autel XP400 Pro offers improved functionality and enhanced capabilities for reading different types of chips.