Autel IM608 PRO Add Key for 2022 Toyota Crown Problem

Here is question from our customer: I’m facing issues adding a key with my Autel im608 pro for a 2022 Toyota Crown. Both OBD and G-box Autel failed to back up EEPROM data. Using a 12-digit security code, the original key was successfully programmed, but the second, which is a genuine, unlocked Toyota Crown key with identical frequency and PCB board number, didn’t respond or add.

Autel IM608 Pro 2

The answer for your reference:

If the original key is programmed just fine and the new key you have doesn’t work, then you have a bad key.

It is not im608 pro that is not working. If it wasn’t working, it wouldn’t program the original key, but it does program the original key so you have the wrong key, or bad key.

Get yourself a new key.

Autel im608 pro is a worthwhile investment for any auto repair shop. The latest generation is IM608 Pro 2, which is using the latest Android 10.0 operating system and has 4G RAM and 128G ROM memory space.

Autel IM608 Pro 2