5 Best Autel Scanners Compared by OBD2gate.com

In this article, we are going to talk about the top five best Autel scanners. To help you make an informed decision. I have done deep research, read tons of reviews and compiled a list of the best Autel scanners products from reputable brands. After much research, I found these products much helpful for our readers.


Number 1: Autel AutoLink AL519

Autel AutoLink AL519

This simple to use scanner looks over your vehicle and provides any information needed to get it fixed, or clear out minor issues. You’ll also be able to turn off indicator lights when they aren’t representing an issue that you need to get fixed right away. Many people find that it comes at a great price and outperforms much more expensive models.



There is a lot of functionality contained in this unit. The scanner is set up, so that many quick checks can be performed in seconds, including checking the drive cycle and the emission readiness. It is also extremely easy to find the vehicle information such as the manufacturer information, pending codes, and VIN, CIN and CVN numbers.



A big part of any scanner is to save you money. This device falls in the median price range for scanners, so it is not the cheapest on the market, but it is not the most expensive either. This is a scanner which will save you money.


Number 2: Autel MaxiTPMS TS408

Autel MaxiTPMS TS408

Limited to TPMS listed vehicles only. It is the product for who are looking for an easy-to-use handheld TPMS service tool that can activate all known TPMS sensors and read the sensor ID, pressure, temperature and battery condition.



This device is compatible with all TPMS vehicles. This means that you can service all domestic, European and Asian vehicles. You should always check the compatibility beforehand, but if your vehicle is TPMS, you should be fine.



The easy to use interface is a big benefit of this device. The navigation through the menus and information is intuitive and you will be able to use the navigation menus without having to consult the instruction manual.


Number 3: Autel MaxiLink ML619

Autel MaxiLink ML619

The ML619 may not offer wireless connectivity and instant database updates, but if you just need to pull and reset trouble codes on a car, this is your best friend. Airbag systems ABS and SRS systems can all be checked and reset from the palm of your hand, and the device works fast and is easy to learn. As cost effective pocket sized options, it is an affordable and user-friendly scanner for car owners. It performs 10 OBD II test modes, graphs live data, and reads/erases error codes. Made of durable plastic, it is compact and lightweight for easy handling. It’s a reliable tool for budget-conscious drivers and mechanics¹.


Number 4: Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro

Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro

The most powerful hand held option for model, the MD806 Pro has a full color display and supports more cars, diagnostic systems and reset capabilities than any other auto hand held scanner. It’s a great choice for professional techs and dealers who want additional speed and real time data streaming during diagnosis. MD806 Pro can scan ABS, SRS engine and transmission systems to read clear codes, airbag modules, view live data stream and perform seven service resets on various makes and models. MD806 Pro does not work on cars after 2015, besides functions vary by vehicle, please send VIN number to OBD2gate.com directly to check compatibility for order.


Number 5: Autel MaxiCOM MK808S

Autel MaxiCOM MK808S

Looking for a cost effective scan tool with a touch screen interface? This quad-core powered OBD scan tool is great for dealers and shop techs who want the ability to program various systems on their vehicle, but don’t want or need features like integrated wi-fi, bluetooth connectivity and an instant link to online troubleshooting databases. Device software and firmware can be easily updated using an Internet connected to PC or Mac, and it can still use auto vin to pull up your vehicle’s information. Most users who plan to use the device with their own vehicles at home will love the MaxiCOM MK808S.



This scanner will help you to diagnose problems with the engine system, ABS, SRS, wipers, brake pads, emissions and fuel. With each diagnosis you will get a detailed report telling you the exact issue you are dealing with impossible fixes.


Where to buy there tools:

Autel AutoLink AL519: https://www.obd2gate.com/products/next-generation-obdii-can-scan-tool-autolink-al519.html

Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro: https://www.obd2gate.com/products/autel-maxidiag-md806-pro-full-system-diagnostic-tool.html