Program Range Rover 2019 Universal key with Lonsdor or Autel or ACDP?

Car model and year: Range Rover 2019

Purpose: Universal Key to program

Key programmer options :

Lonsdor K518: Yes, 100% ok with extra Lonsdor Smart key

Autel IM608: need dismantle kvm.

Yanhua Mini ACDP

How to operate?

Option 1, Lonsdor K518

100% work

Lonsdor can do 100% via obd2, no need to remove anything at all.


1). Lonsdor Smart Key for 2018-2021 Land Rover

Price: 56usd

Price: 70usd

Note: Always put new battery

Option 2, Autel IM608

Need dismantle kvm.

Image shows how to dismantle KVM and how to connect.

Image shows Autel IM608 Program Range Rover 2019 Universal key successfully.

Option 3. Yanhua Mini ACDP works safe


  1. ACDP main box
  2. Module 24

3. RFA Module CPU SPC560B Chip with Data