Program ECU with Autel MaxiSys MS908 and MaxiFlashPro J2534

Some customers want tools to program Benz ECUs online. For this, we suggest using Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro and MaxiFlashPro J2534.

Note: The programming function can only be applied through connection with Autel J2534 programming device, which serves as a PassThru interface to establish communication with and transfer data to the vehicle’s ECU.

Available programming operations vary by the test vehicle, and only the available operations display in the menu.

Ensure that Autel MS908S Pro is connected to the Internet before applying the ECU programming function, so that the tablet is able to access the manufacturer’s server for update service.

How to use ECU programming on MaxiSys MS908S Pro

General procedure:

Selecting the programming function opens a menu of operation options that varies by make and model. Selecting a menu option either shows a programming interface or opens another menu of additional choices. Follow all screen instructions while performing the programming operations. How and what information is presented on the screen varies according to the type of operation being performed.


Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro II User Manual

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