PCMtuner tutorial: Download Setup Diagram

New PCMtuner ECU Chip Tuning Tool offline version from obd2gate.com is able to read and write vehicle engine control system (ECU) for most car models on the market covering cars from Europe, Japan, America and Chinese, also it can read and write transmission control system (TCU) for some Volkswagen Audi and models equipped with Delphi control systems. New PCMtuner can work via OBO (bus reading and writing), BENCH (read and write without opening ECU or TCU box ), and BOOT (read and write with open mode).

New PCMtuner free download and installation  


PCMTuner software: V1.2.7

Registration: No need

Activation: No need (after installing software, direct use it)

Operation System: Strongly recommend installing PCM tuner on Windows 10 to get the best performance. (Disable real-time protection, cloud-delivered protection, and automatic sample submission before you start to install PVMtuner software.)

Note: Please install the software that comes with the device ONLY. If you install the other programs the device may be locked, obd2gate.com is not responsible for the damage.

Work offline: VR NEED online. Read/Write VR (have a VR account for users).

Helpdesk supplies free Damaos for tuner

(Free damages as WinOLS Damaso file, WinOLS damages, and MAP package)

New PCMtuner Update:

Free update. No subscription, and no annual fee. 

All upgrades will be told by the dealer:

Once you install all software, please don’t do any upgrades if you don’t receive any information from us, otherwise, the hardware will be locked.

Pcmtuner Wiring Diagram:

PCMtuner Support ECU List

PCMtuner Module 58 Wiring Diagrams

PCMtuner Module 71 Wiring Diagrams

PCMtuner Module 61 Wiring Diagrams

Pcmtuner function extension:

Fetrotech Tool Plugin: adds MG1 MD1 EDC17 MED9.1 ECUs

+MPM plug: adds American ECU TCU like GM, Chrysler, Ford

Alright, are you ready to use Pcmtuner now to perform 67 modules reading and writing. Read related article: PCMtuner test report.