How to use Autel IM608 add a key for 2010 VW CC?

Here is the key of 2010 VW CC, wanna add a key with Autel IM608 key programmer. How?

Option 1.
This year you get a virgin remote with virgin chip from china. Then open new key, take out chip that comes with remote and install any cloning chip like XHORSE Superchip. Clone original chip and add remote with any key programmer. Easiest car to add key. If it was AKL, then only eeprom.I get OEM used remotes for these VW, then break original key and take out remote. Then get key Shell.dd my superchip with original remote and clone program remote DONE.

If you have a keyless factory one, yes it will work. take it apart very nicely. The chip is hidden inside the case. Careful not to destroy case. If you have Cloning chips, just replace it. Then clone original chip.

Option 2.
In my experience with this key , this was prior to me having any cloning knowledge. So without cloning) Autel showed a diagram to pull the info from the ecm near the wiper linkage. I went to a pull it yard and cut off the ecm harnesses and wired up the harness that it said to the ecm (pigtails I cut off at the pull it yard ) via xp400 pro and followed the steps and added the aftermarket key with no problems. Obviously the first time it’s going to take a few hours depending if you have the access to a used vehicle to pull the harnesses for the ecm pigtails. But now the next one I do will go quickly.

The easier way: Autel IM608 can add a new key for 2010 VW CC via obd. Clone it and add remote by OBD (shown as below).