Autel IM608 “Failed to read IMMO data via OBD” Solution

Trying to use Autel IM608 to add an aftermarket key to a 2013 Volkswagen CC. Getting this error ““Failed to read IMMO data via OBD, try to read in direct mode” when trying to read immo data. What does “direct mode” mean? Is this eeprom only? I have a working original key for the car. Just trying to add keys. These are customer supplied keys.

Good tips:

  1. Yeah you’re not doing that one by OBD what you could just clone the chip And program the remote.
  • Or read immo under expert mode from ecu for example. Can not always use auto functions.
  • Key via dump or clone chip and program remote via obd


Passat is one of the harder ones.

Try to read CS code from ECU in engine

Direct read CS code from the ECU using gbox. Remove it and pin out.

Then get the 7th bite from working key. Add key done

eeprom on comfort module. Add key by dump.

You could clone the ID48 chip then just add remote.


Finally, Solved!

It’s a slot key which I was told can’t be cloned. I ended up reading immo data from ecm on the bench with g box and then generate 2 dealer keys. Programmed all 3 keys into car and we’re in business.

Hope it helps!

Autel im608 tech support: