CGDI BMW Program BMW M4 FEM 433MHZ Key Steps

Discover the process of programming a BMW M4 FEM 433MHz key with CGDI BMW key programmer through this brief guide.


Start by removing the FEM module from your BMW M4 with FEM system.


Get a 433MHz blade key for the programming process.

Launch “CGDI Start” software >> navigate to”FEM/BDC Key Match” option.

If you’re a first-time user of CGDI Prog BMW, you might encounter an “unauthorized” message. Refer to the provided user manual below to acquire authorization.


Read key information, including details like ECU type, 433MHz frequency, VIN, and more.


CGDI Prog BMW green indicator light will flash, indicating it is functioning properly.


This image showcases a removed BMW FEM module.


A prompt will appear, instructing you to detach the FEM/BDC, use CGDI Programmer to extract the original EEPROM, write it onto 95XXX EEPROM chip, reinstall the FEM/BDC into the car, and then click “Next.”


Once these steps are successfully completed, the programming process is finished.

By following this guide, you can smoothly program a BMW M4 FEM 433MHz key using CGDI BMW Programmer.

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