Autel IM608 Pro II Program Range Rover 2021 AKL OK

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro II can program key for Range Rover 2021 all keys lost, here is how to do it.

Vehicle Details:

Make and Model: Land Rover Range Rover Sport MY2021

Region: US model

Frequency: 315MHz

Situation: All keys lost

Tools Employed:

Autel MaxilM IM608 Pro II

Autel ikey universal smart key


Step-by-step instruction:


Procedure 1: Generate Universal Smart Key

Access Universal Key section.

Navigate through: Universal Key > Universal Key Generation > Land Rover > Type by Model > Range Rover Sport > Year 2021 > Land Rover Sport 2018-2023 315MHz.

Initiate universal key generation.

Await completion of universal key generation process.

Exit Universal Key menu.

Procedure 2: Key Programming Process

Choose IMMO function.

Select Land Rover and allow for Automatic Detection.

Read VIN and decode to confirm vehicle information.

Proceed by selecting Control Unit.

Opt for RFA replacement and Add Key.

If key frequency is 315MHz, key learning can be directly carried out using the original RFA or KVM.

Autel IM608 Pro II will activate the ignition automatically.

Smart Key Learning Process:


Hold the newly acquired smart key in your hand and firmly press the Unlock button for a period of 4 seconds.

Successful learning confirmation.

Choose ‘No’ to move on to the next step.

Place functioning keys near the gear selector lever or within the cup holder.

Successful New Key Learning.

Completion notification for learning of new key.

Testing the New Key:

Ensure proper functioning of the new key through testing.

Key confirmed to be operational.

The procedure has been successfully executed. The programming of all keys lost for a 2021 Range Rover Sport was accomplished using Autel IM608 Pro II.