Autel AP200 Solves Airbag Issues in Chevrolet Suburban

Autel MaxiAP AP200 is popular among DIY users who want to diagnose their own vehicles and solve issues like engine warning lights and airbag warning lights. has performed a test regarding the use of Autel AP200 for diagnosing a GM Chevrolet Suburban.

The following is the procedure:

To begin the diagnosis process, connected the Autel AP200 to the vehicle’s OBD port and ran the software on their mobile phone.

Autel AP200 software

Before starting the diagnosis, ensure a Bluetooth connection between mobile phone and the AP200 adapter.

Next, select “GM”

select "GM"

Click “Automatic selection”

Click “Automatic selection”

Allow the device to scan the vehicle’s VIN. Once the VIN was read and decoded, the device displayed the vehicle information.

read VIN
acquire VIN  information
vehicle profile

Click “yes” button to continue and selected “5.3L(L83)” from the options.

Choose “Not equipped” and wait for the process to proceed.

enter identifier
control module

Suspension module selection “Not equipped”, please wait and proceed.

Suspension module selection "Not equipped", please wait and proceed.

Then, select “Diagnosis” followed by “Control unit” and further select “Inflatable restraint sensing and diagnostic module”.

main menu
diagnostic menu
control unit

After establishing communication, choose “Trouble codes” and the Autel AP200 displayed the DTCs, specifically the code B0014-0D, indicating a high resistance in the driver seat side airbag deployment loop.

choose "Trouble codes"
Trouble codes

Go back to check “Live data” and select “Deployment loop 1-14 resistance” to view detailed live data.

check "Live data"
check "Live data"
check "Live data"
check "Live data"
check "Live data"

By analyzing the live data, we were able to identify and address the related problem in the car before clearing the DTC.

For more information about Autel MaxiAP AP200 OBD2 scanner, please refer to the provided link: