XP005l and M5 Clamp Cut Key Issue Solved

A question from a customer was, “Are there any suggestions for cutting these keys using Xhorse Dolphin XP005L key cutting machine and M5 clamp? The alignment of the tip and the curve at the key’s end is where the clamp secures.”


Here are the tips from this Xhorse blog:

  1. Grab the key right before the build out. Since dolphin xp005l will touch the tip, and decode, cut the key where you put it. Ignore what the instructions say and just cut the key.
  2. Just bring the key as far forward as possible before the notch gets in the way regardless of where xp005l wants the tip to align, has worked on every cut so far.
  3. There should be plenty of room to grab the key infront of the slanted part. Other than that your only option is to file it down to be level, but don’t take too much or the key won’t lock into place.