Dolphin XP005L Decode and Cut Toyota TOY40 One Side Key- Success

Dolphin XP005L Decode and Cut Toyota TOY40 One Side Key- Success

Toyota TOY40 emergency key is very thin, only 1.5mm. The Condor XC Mini Plus and Dolphin XP005 use M2 clamps and rod adapters, but the new Xhorse Dolphin XP005L can cut with M5 clamps without more adapters. Let’s take a look at how the TOY40 single-side key decodes the switch key.

Open Dolphin XP005L Key Cutting Machine

Click Vehicle Database>>Asia>>Toyota>>TOY40 Emergency Key (Single Side Key)

M5 Clamp Side B Tip Aligns Second Position

The universal M5 can easily rotate the clamp from side A to side B.

Place the original key in the second position where the jig tip is aligned

Press the “decode key” to start the decoding process

After decoding the key successfully, put the new blank key on the M5 clamp and press ‘Cut key’

Make sure you choose the tool diameter: 1.5mm

Click System>>Machine Parameters>>Cutting Settings>>Knife Diameter: 1.5mm>>Save

Install the 1.5mm cutter to the top limit position, then tighten

Press “Cut” and wait a few moments until the process is complete

Use Xhrose Dolphin XP005L to decode the whole process of cutting TOY40 emergency key (one-side key). Cutting keys is easier with the M5 clamp. Save a lot of time!

Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Key Cutter for All Lost Keys with Adjustable Screen: