How to Use Autel MaxiSYS VCI100?

This blog will teach you how to use Autel MaxiSYS VCI100 Bluetooth adapter with MK908.


Plug the bluetooth adapter into the Benz ECU>>enter the VCI menu

When the bluetooth is connected successfully, it will display a green tick here and then the blue signal will light up.

Enter the diagnostic software>>Select the Benz model>>Select automatic scan>>Click on “read”,

and read out the VIN number>>Click “OK” to enter

Select the option of diagnosis and then the engine ECU, the engine information is read.

Then the green light in the middle of the bluetooth adapter will be flashing.

Read out the ECU information>>Read out fault code

Now the fault code is read out, which means the Autel bluetooth adapter works well when testing with Autel MK908.

That’s all, thank you for reading.