How to Solve CG FC200 “The device is not licensed for this language”?

How to Solve CG FC200 “The device is not licensed for this language”?

Customer problem:
I want to change the language of my CG FC200 to Polish, but I get the prompt “The device is not licensed for this language, please contact the developer.” Does it mean Polish is not supported?

How to do?

For this problem, the engineer of gives the solution below.

The reason is that CG FC200 ECU programmer currently only supports Simplified Chinese, English and French. If you need other language such as Transitional Chinese, Spanish, Polish and Turkish, the corresponding language authorization is required. The CGDI language license cost is $137 now.

You should contact our customer service to get the language license, no need shipping, just provide S/N to us after payment.

After the license is activated, you are able to run FC200 software to change the language.
– Click ‘Setting’ at the top right corner of the software interface
– In the language field, click the drop-down arrow to select the corresponding language
– Click ‘Apply’

Then the language will be switched soon.

The CGDI Language License also applies to CG 9S12 Pro, CGDI Prog BMW, CGDI Prog MB and AT200.

All CG devices are multi-language enabled. But for some languages require activating the language license to use.
CG Pro: Chinese English (French, Spanish and Turkish require language authorization)
CGDI BMW: Chinese, English, Spanish, and French (Polish, Turkish, and Italian require language authorization)
CGDI MB: Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and German (Russian, Polish and Turkish require language authorization)
BMW AT200: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, and Spanish (Polish requires language authorization)