CGDI MB or VVDI MB, which one is recommended?


I want to buy a tool to add keys or do all keys lost for Mercedes- Benz.

I’m thinking of VVDI MB and CGDI MB. But I don’t know which one is suitable for me to start. Can you give me some suggestions? customers’ suggestions:

@Jivko Dimirov:

Both are ok, but better to have them both. Some old cars can work with CGDI and some with VVDI. Not to forget the VVDI MB tool power adapter for AKL.

CGDI has every day one token free. VVDI you have to buy a token or use the original Xhorse MB key with points to get free calculation…

I have both + IM508. Both CGDI and VVDI are good. Sometimes I got a car not working with CGDI but with VVDI and sometimes not work with VVDI and is working with CGDI. One time I got a car that not working with both and IM508 helped me.

My first choice is CGDI due to the free token, my second choice is VVDI, and my third is IM508.

@Ben Steve:

CGDI is best on MB. It does all that VVDI does. It’s better on old MB. Better on all. Cheaper. You get one token every day. You can program other brands’ keys.

So it’s way better than VVDI.

@Ashot Harutyunyan:

Cgdi is best for MB, have the fastest server and all is working like a charm.

In summary, CGDI Prog MB can be preferred for your Benz car key programmer. If you have a sufficient budget, you can also buy both.