Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction Programmer FAQs

Digimaster 3 Odometer Calibration Programmer FAQs

Q: I want to update and add new models. The current car list is not a token. If I update, do I need to pay tokens for the new models?
A: If you update please contact us directly via email at sales@obd2gate.com

Q: I see my car in your listing, but does that mean my Jeep is handled through the OBD DM1 cable? Do you have that cable that came in the digimaster package?
A: Yes sir, your jeep changed mileage by obd cable, included in the package.

Q: Can Digimaster3 support the odometer calibration of the 2009 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF TDI/ 2015 NISSAN NAVARA ST-X MT?
A: Yes, it can support all old cars normally.

Q: What is the difference between digimaster 3 and tacho pro 2008.07 or tacho pro 2008.01?
A: Digimaster 3 is a very professional and easy-to-use mileage tool.
As tacho pro 2008.07, digimaster 3 can make new cars until 2010, and new cars can be added during the online updates, but tacho pro can only make 2007-2008 cars and cannot be updated.

Neither of these tools requires tokens, but if you want to add new cars to digimaster 3, you will need to buy tokens from us. Moreover, these two tools need to dismantle the dashboard, and digimaster 3 is more difficult to use, requiring more professional technical control.

Functionally, digimaster 3 can do more:
But tacho can only do miles, not BMW, or Benz.
For language, D3 only has English, and tacho pro is multilingual.
If clone: Digimaster 3 is original, tacho pro is copy one, but both have one year warranty.

Q: Does Digimaster 3 support 2015BMW X5 odometer calibration?
A: No, it belongs to the FEM type, which is not supported by digimaster3. You can use mini ACDP.

Note: BMW F series has two types, CAS4 and FEM, if it is CAS4, digimaster 3 is fine. In the case of FEM, Mini ACDP will do.

Q: Can it do my Volkswagen Sharan 2002?
A: Yes, it can be your car

Q: Does Digimaster3 support Nissan Navara odometer calibration? which method? OBD still needs to be removed?
A: Yes, it can support. need to be removed.

Q: Can your digimaster 3 be used as a lincoln town car?
A: Yes, our digimaster 3 can do lincoln town car till 2009.

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